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James Morrison



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We are helping folks to connect the with the source of all creation we call the tiny space of the heart and how to practice what we call the creation meditation from the tiny space of the heart. By doing so the first time most folks will naturally have their merkaba or light body be birthed back into its full mature state. Then after this experience we keep practicing the creation mediation as much as possible. The more often you experience yourself from this meditation the faster your outer world is transformed beyond your most creative imagination we thought was possible. Only love comes from the tiny space and only love ever enters, So everything we create/ heal/ travel/ learn/ communicate and everything else experienced from here is beautiful, stable and perfectly able to come into our outer world, it is even able to show up from thin air.

I give everyone tools to help balance their energies/ chakras/ bodies(mental, emotional, physical) which all is part of our spirit. This is also an experiential class allowing us the opportunities to experience everything that is being taught. We have many exercises/ lectures/ ceremonies/ and meditations during these 4 days.

All the above is just the beginning! Life is transformed into even more grace and beauty when we allow ourselves to remember our hearts.

Smile with the Stars, for we are they ;),


James Morrison

About James:

As part of my journey, I was guided by my all manner of ascended masters, light beings and my higher self to seek out this teaching and in the process was able to become one of the few certified world-wide teachers in the School of Remembering®, who teach the Awakening The Illuminated Heart® meditation.

My ATIH teacher certification became official on March 21, 2012 after finishing the required training set by the School of Remembering® and Drunvalo Melchizedek. I was trained and selected to teach by the School of Remembering® Teacher Trainers and Drunvalo Melchizedek. The teacher training is the distillation of Drunvalo??s life work. The Awakening The Illuminated Heart is presented as a way to assist all of Humanity in our ascension. I have traveled all over the U.S. and the World to bring this Heart based living to all who seek to experience this ancient way being.

My education includes a, BA in Communication Studies with an Interpersonal Communication emphasis. Orthobionomy, The Reconnection, Still Point Breathing, and Heart of Light Healing are among other areas of emotional, physical and spiritual study in which James has received extensive training.

Indiana in the United States of America is where I was born and now reside. I am of native North American Indian (Cherokee) and European descent and I have a deep appreciation and connection with our natural world. Everywhere I go I see friends in nature and people alike.

I love this quote it is provided by my Friend & amazing Light-Woker Neshi Lokotz.

"When We speak from our Heart, The Creator speaks through us", Potowatomi Proverb

"Be of, Peace within, Peaceful Soul", James Morrison
James Morrison

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Timothy Semonin at Jan 16, 2018

James was a great teacher! I think he showed incredible patience with some of us and spent the extra time needed to make sure we grasped and understood any concepts we may have had trouble with. It was a pleasure to spend a few days with him and I would highly recommend him as a teacher.

Jill Semonin at Jul 14, 2017

I feel I had a lot of experience going into the program, so it was rather slow for me and I wanted so badly to jump ahead. I also had a high pulling to help others as only three of us there were grasping at first, and four of us did have much knowledge about what was going on. My husband and I both watched Flower of Life, and Earth, Sky and Heart, my husband missed some, due to work. However both he and I read Living in the Heart to each other, so we were able to comprehend a vast amount. I knew the others had very little experience or knowledge and felt it was over their head. I did try to get everyone to at least watch a workshop prior, as it can be seen on Gaia using the free trial and easily take advantage of that. It's how I found out Drunvalo existed and he just grabbed up my attention and I had to know more and more he is proving that the gap of science and spirit are no longer existing. James Morrison had his hands full, i know, because of half the class really understanding and the other half were not grasping yet, but were in really bad pain. I was in really bad pain myself but i honestly feel how James taught me to heal myself is working. I was diagnosed with proof that I had Pancreatitis yet, I am healing and i can feel it healing. Here is another great example of James great teaching- My daughter was out of control upset and I immediately realized her heart chakra had to be HUGE, so I told her, and asked if I could wind it down, she said yes, I asked her and shook her head yes..... i telepathically asked her higher self if I could and didn't get and answer, but she shook her head again and I pulled my own chakra's in alignment, just in case, and shrunk her Chakra down to the right size, using the way that James taught us and i swear with in ten seconds she was no longer feeling insane with emotional heartache. My eyes got big, WOW! So i asked if I could align all of them and she said yes. Thank you JAMES! I learned quite a bit more in a real class and not just watching and felt so connected to all that there is. I personally now feel less emotionally hurt. Three people from the class are taking James advanced class, i just have to schedule it. I also am having James come back in Oct as I keep telling people about how well it worked. I will say, it IS hard work, but I am planning on teaching. James was also a very great guest! Again~ Thank you!!!!! Feathers and Love to all ~ Mystic Jillee

Zack Meyers at Jul 08, 2017

this is and was an amazing series of days that has changed me in ways I am learning new everyday. this information is the answer to all questions. love light and peace to all!

Svetlin Vasilev at Nov 27, 2016

It was a wonderful workshop! Thank you, James!

Rebecca Pascal at Aug 07, 2016

Outside of Drunvalo, I can't imagine there is a better teacher for this workshop. James exceeded my expectations on all levels. The information I have obtained through this workshop, all of Drunvalo's books, SOR website videos, and YouTube videos has been life-changing! I can't wait to see what comes next! Thank you for all that you do for humanity!!! Love and light!

Dawn Nelson at May 16, 2016

I can't thank Drunvalo Melchizedek producing such a life changing course, and James Morrison enough for being such a wonderful teacher. It brought so many things together for me in one class and how to use what we learned. I am so grateful that I got the chance to take the course with James, he was so good and patient with us at teaching the course. And I would so take the course with him again and also have the children take it. So thank you both so much for bringing this into my life. In Love and Light - Dawn Nelson

Mark Hamerstadt at May 07, 2016

Beautiful Week. I couldn't have asked for a better experience because it quite exceeded all of my expectations. The changes are manifold and continually manifesting and unfolding :) Thank you for this beautiful life and thank you James for all the work you do helping so many people along their path. I would and have recommended this to many friends and will absolutely continue to do so. Wopila Tanka

Linda Clark at Apr 18, 2016

It's hard to put into words how much I enjoyed and value this workshop. Following Drunvalo's perfectly laid out coursework Jame's kind, gentle, playful and loving nature guided me along to a beautiful transformation. I absolutely recommend you get this teaching from Jame Morrison and if at all possible take the workshop at the beautiful Farm of Illumination. Trust me, you won't regret it.

Bethany Lauffenburger at Dec 13, 2015

The workshop with James was in a perfect setting and the respect among participants was mirrored by the example the instructor fostered. It was a great workshop and I would recommend it to everyone. I still go back and look at my notes and refer back to the information I learned in this workshop. It was live changing and James did a WONDERFUL job in teaching it

Cynthia Zeki at Aug 10, 2015

James is extremely knowledgeable, yet very warm and patient. Every day of this class was full of incredible experiences. This class was truly life-changing.